Real Food – Unprocessed Food


Would you like to feel better, stop feeling hungry all the time and take control over your nutrition?

If the answer is yes than I can help you.

My approach to nutrition is to focus on  real food and its ability to improve our  mental and physical wellness.

I take people’s individual goals and lifestyle into account and then teach them what they can do to  achieve their short term and long term health goals. My belief is that what we do most of the time is what counts. I help people to realise that eating well and feeling great is realistic and sustainable. I take away the idea that someone is on a diet, because a diet has a beginning and an end. I talk to people about how they can achieve their desire to be healthy now and to age well.

When I speak of ‘real food’ I’m referring (for the most part) to things that we can look out the window and see growing, grazing or swimming. This approach encourages a style of eating that is free of processed foods (most of the time) and includes low glycemic index foods.

It has been long thought that eating food low in fat and high in carbohydrates would produce the greatest health benefits. That it would give you the best chance of achieving and maintaining a body weight you are comfortable with and a body that has the best chance of remaining disease free.

It has now been shown that an alternative approach is where success can be seen.  Yes, all 3 macronutrients (fat, protein and carbs) are important to health. What has been misleading is what we have come to believe these foods include.

Why has the misconception and flaw in education led to health problems?

Because most of the carbohydrates people eat are highly processed (bread, pasta, rice, pastries, dry and sweet biscuits, rice cakes, sugary drinks, chocolates etc …). These types of foods cause large amounts of a hormone called insulin to be sent into your blood. Insulin is vital for life but what happens to so many people is that they eat frequently and have insulin coming into their blood in large amounts and often throughout the day. For people who gain weight easily, fat is stored in the presence of insulin…. it is sometimes referred to as the ‘fat hormone’.

But it’s not just about weight management. Excess and frequent insulin also plays a significant part in chronic disease.  It is not necessarily the case that being slim points to being healthy.

How can we change this?

It’s about adjusting your eating so that it is low in process carbohydrates,  moderate in protein and includes ‘good’ fats. This has been shown not only to help with weight loss but has also shown to reduces the likelihood of developing Type 2 diabetes,  heart disease, fatty liver, dementia, Parkinson’s, and some forms of cancer.

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