My Tips

My Tips


Is this what you are looking for….

NO more dieting NO calorie counting NO weighing food NO counting points

An approach to eating that is low in processed food and includes protein,  good fats and real carbohydrates is a lifestyle approach to  nutrition that is sustainable.

Lifestyle changes can be challenging and there is no hiding from that one.

Some of my key tips are:

  • Motivation is an emotion and like other emotions, it fluctuates
  • Commitment is a decision that helps us move towards our goals
  • Real food, unprocessed food is the key to good nutrition
  • Cleanse your pantry, it is likely to be full of processed food
  • Fill your fridge, this is where the real food lives
  • Fresh is best
  • Fresh food has a short shelf life. Processed food lasts a long time
  • Ask yourself if it looks similar to what it looked like in its raw form. If there is no similarity then it’s probably been manufactured by a machine
  • If you want to age well, keep the high GI food to a minimum
  • Many chronic diseases can be linked to regularly eating  foods throughout the day that are high GI. Keep these low and you will have better long term health outcomes
  • There are no guarantees in life. The only thing we can do is work hard to reduce our risk
  • You can make choices now.

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