Thankyou Aprille for proving me wrong and changing my stubborn, sceptical mindset about what I could do.

In trusting your expertise and advice, I was able to learn and further expand my interest in the power of nutrition and healthier choices for a quality life. You empowered me with enough knowledge to make real changes without introducing confusion.

Kefir may never  be my  friend, but my newfound addiction to kombucha , sauerkraut,& apple cider vinegar   is making up for it.

You have re-affirmed  : “Your body can withstand almost anything….it’s your mind you need to convince”

Thankyou  Aprille… your lessons have had a huge impact on me.


Prior to seeking help from Aprille, I had suffered for decades with a complicated case of irritable bowel syndrome (IBS). Because of her wide knowledge, Aprille was able to make  major improvements to my condition. In addition, following my visits and our frequent discussions,  I have gained enough knowledge to self manage my IBS.  At the same time i have lost 4kg of weight which I have been carrying for many years and i feel significantly healthier overall. I can strongly recommend Aprille’s expertise and professionalism.


Even as a trained Home Economist I found I could learn invaluable advice from Aprille, her instructions were non judgemental and I could make sense of the confusing health messages that we are bombarded with. Mostly I could adapt my everyday eating around the advice given

With kind regards


“Working with Aprille has been an amazing experience.  Aprille took the time to get to know me and tailored her advice and suggestions to fit my unique situation.  Aprille is extremely knowledgeable and thoroughly explained all of the options and suggestions she discussed with me.  As a result of seeing Aprille my overall sense of wellbeing has increased, I have much more energy, I am more mindful about what I eat and I feel empowered to make healthier  nutrition choices for myself and my family”

Many thanks again for all of your wonderful advice and suggestions.


I started seeing Aprille in may 2017 after many years of failed ‘diets’.  She helped me to get back on track, she motivated me and encouraged me to lose weight. I have worked hard to lose weight in the passed but have always gained it back due to lack of commitment. Aprille is only a text message away from advice or a bit of encouragement if you are struggling. It’s not a diet or the latest fad, it’s a lifestyle change. With Aprille’s help I was able to achieve my goals and I am now working towards new goals.



Aprille I want to thank you for your guidance and advice as part of the Step Into Life challenge. I have benefited greatly from the seemingly small but actually very significant changes that I have made to my diet as a result of your advice – mainly upping my intake of kefir, sauerkraut and kombucha and cutting down on breads/rice.  I have also incorporated intermittent fasting into my routine (2 days a week) and cannot believe how easy it was to transition to the point where it now feels totally normal – so much easier than I had expected!


Hi Aprille – just as an update, I wanted to let you know that I have maintained my weight and also as it is the last day of winter I can celebrate that I have not had a cold!! Thank you